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We are experts in the application of insulated polyurethane foam roofing systems. Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofs provide a roof system that is seamless, monolithic and self-flashing with a high insulation value (R-value), strong adhesion and wind uplift resistance. Spray polyurethane foam is a valuable roofing system, as SPF Roofs last indefinitely and hold their insulation value forever. SPF Roof Systems are also UV and weather-resistant.

Closed call SPF insulation, in particular, is perfectly suited for applications where additional insulation value is required for the roof restoration project. Closed cell foam insulation features an R value of approximately 7 per inch so you can control the R value you need for your particular situation. For example: 4.5″ of our closed cell product will result in an R 30 roof. The SPF material cures virtually rock hard in a matter of seconds, adding strength and rigidity to the roof. The insulation acts like a vapor barrier and is totally waterproof.

The life span of our closed cell insulation is indefinite. If can, however, be subject to UV radiation so we install protective  layers of either EXANDOTHANE or ASTEC RE-PLY that include a top layer of our special acrylic UV and chemical resistant coating.

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  • Can be applied rapidly with little or no disruption to the facilities.

  • Requires fewer people to apply – which reduces the likelihood of accidents.

  • Eliminates the need for multiple levels of roofing required by conventional systems.

  • Conforms to all roof shapes and types.

  • Can be applied directly over asphalt, shingles, built-up roofs, clay tile, concrete, metal and wood.

  • Produces energy savings of 30% compared to alternative roofing systems.

  • Evens out roof surfaces so there are no dips where water can collect.

  • Self-flashing and seamless – therefore no leaks.

  • Is highly resistant to chemical attack.

  • Requires minimal upkeep to remain under warranty.

  • Lasts forever if properly maintained

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