Superior Seamless Solutions GacoFlex Crystal Deck

High style design for your “more than just a deck” space.

Sometimes a plain old deck just won’t do. With Superior Seamless Solutions GacoFlex Crystal Deck, you can create a customized look for your deck that makes you stand out from the crowd. Crystal Deck is a seamless membrane pedestrian deck system that incorporates colored crystal quartz granules for added slip resistance and a customized look. With a variety of available color combinations, Crystal Deck is the most versatile of Gaco’s decking and waterproofing systems – limited only by imagination.

DURABLE. The materials in GacoFlex Crystal Deck expand and contract with normal temperature shifts to provide long-lasting leakage protection. The fully integrated GacoFlex coatings are specially formulated to bond together and avoid shrinking, cracking, chipping, peeling, lifting or buckling when the temperature changes – creating a deck surface which will retain its strength and beauty season after season.

LASTING COLOR. The specially-formulated cell structure of Crystal Deck quartz crystals makes their color more vivid and long-lasting. In addition, the physical properties of UA7090 clear aliphatic coating give it the best performance in the industry in the face of UV sunlight exposure – so it won’t yellow as it protects the color clarity of your deck over time.

DECORATIVE PATTERNS. Create a simple tile pattern or a complicated company logo.

VERSATILE. A variety of color combinations allows you to create one-of-a-kind design.

EASY TO CLEAN. Soap and water are all you need.

  Brochure-GacoFlex Crystal Deck (includes Standard Color Chart)