Depending on the type of roof you own, roof coatings can really change the way your roof looks and feels. In most cases, a well-designed roof will be enhanced to a great extent either by becoming weatherproof, resisting heat and fire more efficiently or being better protected from wind and hail.


The time to apply a roof coating, however, has to be chosen carefully, since it’s not the same to apply your coat in wet or hot weather or when the weather is dry, cool or even extremely cold.


Right from the start, you should know that extreme weather is no good. You can’t apply a roof coating well enough if temperatures are close to freezing or if they are well above the normal temperature you’d experience during the late spring or summer.


The best time to apply a coating is in the autumn or spring, during periods when the weather is completely dry. The temperature should be somewhere between 15 C and 27 C, and at least a few days should already have passed after the last rainfall.


Under those conditions, the new coating will adhere much better to the roof than otherwise. So you won’t have to worry about it being easily removed by wind and storms, even if the going gets tough