Superior Seamless Solution Gaco Pedestrian Deck

Attractive, durable waterproofing for pedestrian and rooftop deck surfaces.

Superior Seamless Solution’s Gaco Pedestrian Deck systems are seamless protective membranes that incorporate organic granules for added slip resistance. The materials expand and contract with normal temperature shifts to provide long-lasting leakage protection. The fully integrated coatings are specially formulated to bond together and avoid shrinking, cracking, chipping, peeling, lifting or buckling when the temperature changes – creating a deck surface which will retain its strength and beauty season after season.

DURABLE. Penetrating GacoFlex primer/sealer system adheres flawlessly to create an unbreakable bond to the substrate. It resists chemical decomposition in the presence of water and is puncture resistant.

SOLID & SAFE.  GacoPedestrianDeck systems are Class A Fire Rated and adhere completely.  The added GacoShell granules embed themselves permanently into the coating and their unique properties allow them to wear evenly with the coating so they won’t kick out like other aggregates do. This creates solid, slip-resistant deck coverage which meets recommended standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

EASY TO MAINTAIN. GacoPedestrianDeck systems are fade-resistant and weather strongly against the damaging factors of environmental exposure – this means a simple cleaning with soap and water restores your deck surface to its original beauty.


  Maintenance Guide-GacoFlex Polyurethane Deck System